Amicus UK - Trade Site
Amicus UK - Trade Site
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Valresa Coatings is dedicated to designing paints and varnishes of the future, seeking innovation in four areas:

Investigation of new developments to reduce the application and drying time of wood paint, achieving savings in cost of varnishing. 

Technology that makes varnishes increasingly more environmentally friendly, minimising the environmental impact that they can produce, and respecting the environment while maintaining an increasingly healthy and clean atmosphere in the workplaces. 

Innovation in the search for solutions to customise finishes and furniture styles. Offering wood varnish or coatings of other substrates with surfaces that have a high scratch resistance, soft touch and all kinds of effects and colours.

Design, presenting the latest design trends in furniture and wood in terms of colours, textures and gleams of the varnishes.

Research and Development

Valresa´s laboratory is the real engine of the group’s development. In it, more than 300 formulations are developed per year, which then are transformed to varnishes ready to use and later on are adapted to needs and characteristics of different countries.

They are interested in trying new ideas and see if they work. This way they´ve developed new varnishes which have changed the way customers paint. A polyurethane sealer which doesn't need to be scratched, a topcoat varnish with a higher hardness or fireproof varnishes are examples of varnishes which have driven sector's innovation.

The real laboratory of varnish development is available as well when incorporates application over wood to investigation. Formulas, once developed, are applied by their experts in varnish applications which indicate the advantages over competency products.

Some varnishes take more time to be released to the market as they don´t want those products to be used by their more than 6,000 customers before they´ve all done quality tests which guarantee they meet all requirements.

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