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The company that manufactures the NATUR hard wax oils products is Heidelberg Prolignum that was founded by Alfred and Herbert Rentzsch in Heidelberg in 1952 as a manufacturer of stains, wood varnishes and oils. The family owned business can look back on more than 60 years of experience, reliability and quality (Made in Germany). Since being founded the company has specialised primarily on resistant, high-quality coatings for wood. The many years of successful collaboration between the lab team, sales force and users mean that the HEIDELBERG name comes with a high degree of know-how, product and process reliability in cooperation with leading manufacturers of paint systems. The HEIDELBERG products brand marries top quality, innovative technologies and ecological aspects for near-natural surface coatings in one product line.  

Focus And Philosophy

At the heart of Heidelberg Prolignum product development is cutting-edge technology allied to traditional ecological raw materials. The development began with PRO-NATURA OIL, which differs from other wood oils due to the large number of innovative properties. Thanks to high product innovation, Heidelberg products offer premium quality alongside ease of use and low consumption figures. Following the success of the oil, work continued at full pace on a comprehensive Heidelberg product range for interior decoration. The efforts are always focused on developing high-quality products combined with naturalness and low consumption. As an added bonus, the company offers training courses in the use of the products for both industrial and craft applications.  

Responsibility and Sustainability

Heidelberg marked the start of the company’s venture down the “green route”, since it added near-natural and VOC-free products to this series. As their name suggests, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) evaporate easily and can have harmful effects on health. In addition, Heidelberg products are based on natural sustainable resources and so are particularly friendly to the environment.  

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