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Waterbase Indoor Lacquer 1K and 2K 
​Food and Toys Safe

                     Indoor Wood Stains

The dyes are specific products created to change the initial color of the wood.

There are several types of dyes that differentiate in light resistance, miscibility, application and concentration.
Colour charts, and colour formulas for various substrates and effects are available.
The following series are available:

  • Dyes soluble in water
  • Dyes Bi-soluble (water / polar solvent)
  • Micro-pigments dispersible in water
  • Patinas and Antique effect patinas removable
  • Glaze by brush
  • Positive dye for softwood
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                          Base Coats

The base coats for interior are used to wet and fill all wood microcavities.
When applied, they have a good air / product exchange.
The transparent basecoats have: good filling power, easy sandability and good adhesions with waterborne or solvent borne topcoat.
The pigmented basecoats have: high filling power, easy sandability and fast drying time.
The following series are available:

  • Low viscosity transparent basecoat mono/bi-component
  • High viscosity transparent basecoat mono/bi-component
  • Low viscosity white basecoat mono/bi-component
  • High viscosity white basecoat mono/bi-component
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                         Top Coats

The finishes for interior are developed to preserve, over time, the beauty of furniture and furnishing accessories. They offer a good soft feeling and wear resistance.
They differ for solid build, chemical and mechanical resistance and viscosity.
The following series are available:

  • Low viscosity transparent topcoat mono/bi-component
  • High viscosity transparent topcoat mono/bi-component
  • Low viscosity white topcoat mono/bi-component
  • High viscosity white topcoat mono/bi-component
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