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After numerous studies and researches done in the development of water-based paints for the food industry, Vernites achieved the certifiation for two products:

 - Acqua Soyz WIT927
(an “entry level” mono component paint)
- Acquapur Opal 2K WIT983
(a bi component paint that represent the maximum level reached by the Vernites range).

This important goal will allow the sale points to offer a certified and guaranteed products line in the rapidly expanding industry of the coating system for food furniture.

The goals that the business wanted to reach required a careful analysis of the current European legislation and an in depth knowledge of the technical regulations of the appropriate products.

It was necessary to:
1) establish the correct government regulation to utilise as guide line;
2) establish and proof the performance of the coating and at which temperature;
3) establish a range of products that the client could use.

In the case of the second point, the certification call for 4 tests to verify the penchant of the coated support to release toxic substances while in contact with food.

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